CDL acquires electronic manufacturer and EV specialists Cursey Technology

Cash Dynamics Ltd (CDL) has today announced the private acquisition of Cirencester based Cursey Technology to add to their growing privately owned company group.

Self-service check in

In the modern technological world and the need to decrease interaction at the point of sale has led to an explosion in the use of Kiosks for tasks that until comparatively recently were at desks and sales counters, usually person to person.

Hand Sanitisers

In these strange times, the ability to work quickly and efficiently is critical. In 2020 such an area has been sanitiser stations for a variety of markets with all manner of operating preferences.

Is cash in decline?

Today there is greater choice than ever in how to pay for things. Contactless technology is used in many debit and credit cards and there are many services that store payment cards digitally (like PayPal or Apple Pay), allowing contactless payments to be made using a PC or smartphone. Other services link your mobile phone number to your bank account so you can pay someone by sending a text.