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At CDL our business is all about adding value for our clients. We are proud to have developed a strong reputation for helping our clients find solutions to tricky electromechanical design and manufacturing problems. CDL is a business that combines the services of a design consultant and backs that with an in-house manufacturing capability to turn ideas into prototypes and then prototypes into production with our manufacturing sister business TPSM.

We have built an enviable robust and varied supplier support network to drive added value for our customers and their end users. Coupled with the production expertise and support of TPSM means we can put our ideas and problem solving into practice by then producing the solution in the most efficient and lowest economically viable method. This we believe sets CDL apart from most product design enterprises.

We are working with many entrepreneurial clients to design, develop and produce new products for new markets through innovation, engineering ability, digital displays, and electronic payment knowledge all through proven experience.

New Projects in the strange 2020 world already include cost effective sanitiser stations, automated click and collect locker stations and kiosks that bridge the gap between traditional bricks and mortar retail and digital markets as retailers and consumers adapt to the new normal.

So, if you are:

  • Looking to add value to an existing product
  • Have an idea that you need some design input and help to get it market
  • Have a price point that your current supplier and/or design cannot hit
  • Or just need a ‘fresh pair of eyes’

Please talk to us, all initial consultancy is offered free of charge, at CDL we’ll back ourselves to help you make a difference

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Latest News

May 4, 2022
CDL acquires electronic manufacturer and EV specialists Cursey Technology

Cash Dynamics Ltd (CDL) has today announced the private acquisition of Cirencester based Cursey Technology to add to their growing privately owned company group.

October 2, 2020
Self-service check in

In the modern technological world and the need to decrease interaction at the point of sale has led to an explosion in the use of Kiosks for tasks that until comparatively recently were at desks and sales counters, usually person to person.

October 2, 2020
Hand Sanitisers

In these strange times, the ability to work quickly and efficiently is critical. In 2020 such an area has been sanitiser stations for a variety of markets with all manner of operating preferences.